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Ken Donaldson has extreme compassion for people who struggle with making healthy and positive changes in their lives. Ken’s 25-year background as a mental health, addiction and relationship counselor gives him a unique perspective on emotional intelligence and change management. Ken has worked with numerous organizations on various issues associated with emotional intelligence, including stress reduction, improving work-life balance and creating high performance communication.

Today’s organizations recognize that happiness equals productivity and that each employee’s personal sense of self significantly impacts the company as a whole.

From middle management employees to senior executives, people who achieve balance in their lives are more self-assured, and when they’re more self-assured they become victorious business resources.


Ken Donaldson is a licensed mental health counselor, a certified master relationship coach, a board certified addictions professional, and a clinical hypnotherapist. He is an unstoppable force in sales motivation who enables employees in Corporate America to achieve work-life equilibrium and to discover the greatness within that leads to extraordinary accomplishments and sustained success.

Ken puts a new twist on motivational training that sparks true employee engagement and alignment that leads to morale levels that spur team building and cohesion; the essential ingredients for performance improvement.


When employees have better work-life balance, they develop the confidence to forge more effective business relationships. These relationships create the connections that build the foundations that support successful corporations.


Through his programs and presentations, Ken Donaldson brings positive mental health into the mainstream with the enduring benefits of:
• Employee Alignment

• Improved Self Esteem

• Improved Work-Life Balance

• Improved Performance

The end result: A more profitable and employee-friendly company

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