Maximizing Emotional Intelligence for Improved Morale, Productivity and Teamwork

What do you do with those very difficult workplace situations? Ignore them? React to them? Take the problems home with you?

And what happens when your employees bring relationship problems to work with them? Or when they have obvious depression, anxiety or addiction issues?

Trying to fix all this yourself can be overwhelming and often self-defeating. Additionally, these issues always negatively impact productivity, create poor morale and are primary contributors to workplace dysfunction.

Furthermore, trying to find a specialist with the proper experience and knowledge to resolve these issues can be a grueling process.

Here are the facts about workplace dysfunction: Sadly, the majority of Americans are already unhappy and actively disengaged in their jobs. When you add depression, anxiety, addiction and/or relationship problems to the mix, you have a surefire formula for organizational dysfunction and disaster. Do you have a plan to properly deal with workplace dysfunction?

Here are the facts about relationship problems: Did you know that relationship-related stress costs employers an estimated $300 billion annually? Do you know how to intervene in these situations?

Here are the facts about addiction: Did you know that alcohol abuse costs businesses over $134 billion yearly due to lost productivity? And to make matters worse, drug abuse costs employers $81 billion annually. Do you have an action plan when addiction shows up in your business?

Here are the facts about depression: Did you know that depression costs employers over $44 billion annually in lost productivity? Do you know what to do when depression comes knocking on the door of your business?

Here are the facts about anxiety: Did you know that anxiety and work-related stress have a profoundly negative impact on workplace performance, relationships with coworkers and peers, quality of work and interactions with superiors? What will you do if you find your workplace struggling with excessive stress and anxiety?

There is no business that is not directly impacted by these profit-sinking dynamics. And what’s worse, most employers don’t even know what’s causing all this.

I help organizations create a more resilient and emotionally intelligent workforce, improve stress management skills and work-life balance, and promote high performance communication on all levels. As a speaker, trainer, coach and executive adviser I help you first diagnose the problems and then create a streamlined and efficient action plan to create a workplace that’s more engaging, has higher morale and increased profits.

My 30+ years of expereince as a mental health, addiction and relationship counselor gives me a unique perspective on emotional intelligence in the workplace.

I’ve found that all employees, from entry level employees to middle management to senior executives, who improve emotional intelligence in their lives, are more self-assured, and when they’re more self-assured they become invaluable and unlimited resources for your business.

The end result: A more profitable and employee-friendly company

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